Wednesday, April 18, 2012

my frist bumper

hi everybody...
maybe 2 or 3 week ago the friend of my ex girlfriend was asking any help to me,
he said that he will make a bumper for his exam in his college,
and he want me to do the 3d bumper for it,
the concept of the bumper is a box thak give us a palyful and colorfull things.. :)
because the show i'ts about hobby so i gave him just like that..

the project has been took a week maybe. all out from model, rig, animation, and render..
with much overtime work and done like on this top.. :)
just one man show... hahaha...
but i think it's not bad for beginer like me...
and i'm will be glad to receive any comment and critic...

see ya..

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