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Name                : ARIF SURANTO
Age                   : 24 Years Old
Date Of Birth    : 21 August 1990
National            : Indonesia
Religion            : Moslem
Address             : Sumbertetes, Rt.21/Rw.04, Patuk, Patuk,Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta 55862.
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  • Highly passionate about 3d Modeling.
  • Highly Passionate about Character creation.
  • Almost 6 year experience in Animation Movie making.
  • Deep understanding 3d s Max.
  • Team Worker

Traditional Drawing, Painting, 3d Modeling, Texturing, character Concept, Sculpting, character Designing, Traditional Sculpting.

Autodesk 3d s max - Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Animation, Rendering.
Autodesk Maya - Modeling, Texturing.
Autodesk Mudbox - Sculpting, Texturing.
Zbrush - Digital Sculpting, Polypainting.
Adobe Photoshop -  Photo manipulating, Painting, Texturing.
Adobe Illustrator -  Designing.
Adobe AfterEffect - Compositing.
Adobe Premiere  - Editing.

  1. Studio KASATMATA Rumah Animasi, Animation Studios ,Yogyakarta - Indonesia. From juli 2009 Until Oktober 2012. As CG Generalist Based on 3D modeler.
    Profesional work:
    1. Kak AETRA 2009, client PT.Air Jakarta (AETRA). As 3D Modeler, Animator, Lighting + Render.
    2. Lorco Accident work Simulation 2009, Client Lorco. As 3D Modeler, Animator, Texture Artist, Lighting + Render.
    3. Lulu And The Two Software King 2010, Client Depcominfo. As 3D Modeler, Texture Artist, Lighting + Render.
    4. Iko’s Adventure on Internet World 2010, Client Depkominfo. As 3D Modeler, VFX, Texture Artist, Lighting + Render.
    5. Pompi Eps 01 Healthy cafeteria’s food - Eps 02 Food color topping 2011, client BPOM. As 3D Modeler, Animator, Texture Artist, Lighting + Render.
    6. Pimpom candy commercial 2011, client Pim Pom, As 3D Modeler, Texture, Lighting + Render.
    7. Hiro-Hiro project, Aditya And The Sun’s Princess Eps 01-02 2010/2011/2012, Client Studio Kasatmata, As 3D Modeler, Rigger, Render.
    8. Doru 2012, Client Studio Kasatmata, As 3D Modeler.
    9. Timun Mas 2012, Client Studio Kasatmata, As 3D Modeler.
    10. Buddha Project 2012, Client Studio Kasatmata, As 3D Modeler.

  2. Yufid.Inc, Design Studio ,Yogyakarta - Indonesia. From February 2013 Until July 2013. As Video Editor and Game content Designer.
    Profesional work:
    1. Perjalanan Mencari Cinta (Video Education for young seek love)2013, Client Yufid.Tv, As Video Editor.
    2. Mufradhat (Mobile Game) 2013, Client Fadil Basmeleh, As 2D Illustrator content Designer.
    3. Muslim Kids Daily Activity (Mobile Game) 2013, Client Yufid.Inc As Game Designer And Content Designer.

  3. Infinite Studios, Animation Studio ,Batam - Indonesia. From June 2014 Until May 2015. As 3D Modeler.
    Profesional work:
    1. Sonic Boom Eps 20,21,24,25,105,38, and 40 2014 – 2015, Client Technicolor, As 3D Modeler.
    2. Garuda Wisnu Kencana 2014-2015, Client Infinite Studio, As 3D Modeler.

  4. Other (Freelance Artist)
    Profesional work:
  1. Oil and Gas Video presentation 2014, Client Pinsil Work, As 3D Modeler.
  2. Faro Scanner 2014, Client Pinsil Work, As 3D Modeler.
  3. Uwa, Rimba dan Sahabat 2013, Client Hicca Animation Studio, As 2D Character concept and designer

  • SMK N 5 Yogyakarta (Art And Craft Senior High School), Major on animation Pass on July 2009.

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